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Tell your brand's story through images


Not everyone descends from royalty. To me, the idea of a King is someone who serves the people.

Michael Ebele (BLOK Founder/Owner)


We live in a world where all too often Black history is whitewashed, changed, appropriated, demonized, and rarely ever pre-dates slavery. BLOK's goal is to retell our story through quality art and apparel that:

Celebrates Black culture and beauty; memorializes the Black heroes who fought for our freedom, culture, and rights; and highlights our rich African heritage.

We hope to elevate the curiosity, confidence and pride of every Black man, woman and child who owns our product; reminding them of the REAL Black history and that they came from a great and powerful blood line.


Our artwork is available in both Acrylic and Canvas and comes in variety of sizes. These gorgeous artwork are built to last and contains no solvent. Check out some of our featured artwork that will make a great addition to your home's decor. 


BLOK also offers  a varity of customized services such as custom-made apparels, turning your favorite photo into art, professional photo editing, retouching or restoration.